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2016 Wedding Color Trends

As wedding florists, we see wedding colors trends come and go. Right now we're at the height of the "blush, cream, and gold revolution." Don't get me wrong, I LOVE blush, cream, and gold. I myself chose those very colors (with the neutral navy) for my very own wedding in August 2014. It is such a classy and romantic combination of colors, and you don't have to commit to a "primary color" that you'll regret when you show your kids in 20 years. (Am I the only one who was paranoid of choosing some gaudy color that couldn't withstand the test of time? Like when everyone was wearing red, satin, floor-length bridesmaids dresses in the 90s?) However, I cannot be more excited about the upcoming color trends that we're seeing. This spring it looks like its all about the...

...drum roll please...

...the rich jewel tones (and metallics)! Now this doesn't mean that the softer color palletes of the last few years are going anywhere, but the more I look at 2016 trends, the more I see pops of beautiful purples, various shades of blues, and even creamy oranges added into the mix! Rich, bold, and beautiful colors are making their comeback and I cannot be more excited about the new types and colors of flowers that we're going to get to work with.

Take a look at this aubergine styled shoot from Tulle and Chantilly. Swoon! I love the toned down, yet jewely purple, offset with those creams and blushes that we've been seeing. And my favorite part? The gold, of course! I'm going to call this next trend "rich and jewely with a hint of sparkle." The key to modernizing this (can we call it late 18th century romance literature?) look is going to be in the metallic detailing!

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